Bacs Payments

Bacs Payments

Using our Bacs approved commercial bureau we can pay your staff’s salaries direct into their bank accounts on time every time.

Payline have passed rigorous inspection and audit checks, both by our sponsoring bank and the BACS organisation, and has achieved the status of Bacs approved commercial bureau.

So, no more cheque writing. Staff salaries can be paid in one sum from you direct to their bank accounts. Compared to writing expensive cheques and reconciling bank statements you will save hours every month.

How secure is the Bacs system?

Absolutely secure. Payline will not transmit payment transactions to Bacs on your behalf until we have been authorised to do so.

As a further check, on the day the transactions are to be processed you would receive from them a detailed listing of the payments to be credited with any exceptional amounts highlighted. Bacs gives you until 3pm to extract any or all of the transactions. Bacs is the basis of all money transfers in the UK and is the envy of many other countries’ banking systems.

Does everyone have to be paid this way?

No. You can pay staff by Bacs, cash, cheque or bank transfer, and use any combination of payment methods on a payroll run.

You can find more about Direct Debiting here.For a quote or if you would like us to contact you for a more detailed discussion, please use our enquiry form.

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