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Even though you might choose to outsource your payroll, tasks still have to be performed in-house to gather accurate information for the bureau. Contact us now from an online, remote demonstration.

This comprises not only the ‘static’ data relating to personal information about employees, their pay and pension structures, but also the changes to hours etc. that occur each pay day, along with special instructions (e.g. AEOs, maternity certificates, bank crediting dates, etc.).

Traditionally, this data has been transmitted to the bureau on paper forms, over the telephone and on the backs of used envelopes!

Assembling this information can be a real headache for many employers. Using a bureau might eliminate the cost of employing skilled payroll personnel but the data-gathering job still has to be performed by somebody (or bodies) in a trusted position, with sound communication skills and the available time. The process can be further complicated where, for example, calculating the times worked by hourly waged staff are within the remit of one manager or department, while the personal details and salaries of ‘white collar’ staff in positions of sales, administration and management are looked after elsewhere in the organisation. Fortunately, the Personnel Assistant has the solution.

Hours worked

In a workplace where hourly-paid staff record their work periods on timesheets or conventional clocking-in cards, someone has to carefully calculate and keep a record of the hours worked by each employee.

Sales Commissions

Where commissions or bonuses are linked to sales performance as a percentage of revenue or profit, this has to be calculated and recorded ready for payday.

Expenses paid to employees

Details of how much and why, need to be noted down and totalled.

Payroll Adjustments

Advances, loan repayments, cash contributions to staff’s benefits etc. all must be recorded.

The Personnel Assistant is the solution.

The Personnel Assistant is a database that provides helpful mechanisms to calculate this data and securely store it. It is simple and intuitive to use, at the same time being powerful and robust enough to assemble and transmit large volumes of data.

Customers of Payline, who are currently using the Personnel Assistant, find it gives them a huge advantage.

The Personnel Assistant keeps information about the departmental structure of your organisation, manages the links between the staff and the departments where they work, and produces each employee’s periodic gross pay information. This data enables us to provide you with detailed analytical payroll reporting.

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