Direct Debits

If your business is a Direct Debit Originator, or you want it to be, contact us today for our DD service that’s high on reliability but low on cost.

How it works…

  • Register with your bank to become an Originator of Direct Debits, and get an Originator Identification Number (OIN)
  • Download our spreadsheet template and save it on your computer
  • Fill in the bank details of your customers and people from whom you take payments or subscriptions
  • Enter the amount you want us to debit on the next Bacs run
  • Email us the file, telling us the date you want your bank to receive the money
  • After checking and authorising the file we submit the file to Bacs
  • Payments arrive in your bank account
  • Within 2 days, Bacs will notify us of any unpaid Direct Debits for us to re-submit on a later run

The benefits...

  • You control the amounts and dates of your receipts, improving cash flow control
  • Within 72 hours you know precisely who has not paid by the due date
  • Only one entry will appear on your bank statement to reconcile
  • Bank charges evaporate
  • Payments arrive on the due date, not later

You can find more about Direct Crediting here. For a quote or if you would like us to contact you for a more detailed discussion, please use our enquiry form.

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