Security Payslips

Professional, laser printed, security sealed payslips

Payline’s high quality payslips are laser printed for clarity and pressure sealed for security. When sealed, the payslips have the employees’ name and address on the front so if you want to put them in the mail, all they need is a stamp. To customise the appearance of your payslips a company logo can be added.

Sealed inside is all the information your employees want to know about their pay in an uncomplicated, easy to read format. Elements of pay and deductions are described in full detail. Year to date figures of pay and tax are included and stakeholder and personal pension contributions are explained, including any gross-up benefit. Attachment of earnings orders, repayments of staff loans, payments of expenses, and other non-statutory adjustments are all clearly itemised.

Your payslips can also be used to publish a message to all your staff – just let us know what you would like to say when you confirm the gross pay figures, and we’ll include it


Click here to see an example of the payslip, in PDF format.

You will need Adobe PDF reader to view our PDF files, please click here to download a free copy

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